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The World's number one Grand Prix Annual is back for the 68th year. The most complete race by race coverage of the 2018 F-1 season. Contains team, driver and technical reviews, and complete statistics on all 2018 GP races. Plus F3, Sports & GT, Touring car and US race series. A must for serious F-1 fans and collectors.

  • Hardbound
  • Over 500 Color Photos
  • 408 Pages


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   Aryton Senna: Life
   Lived At Full Speed

The Senna family has opened its archives, sharing photos in his private life, as well as his racing life. There are many personal anecdotes and fond memories from friends and family. The book includes 13 packets of very special things from Senna's life; his treasured photos, race agendas, his letters, even his certificate of baptism. A penetrating look into his passion for racing and his surprising humanitarian activities.

  • Hardbound
  • 13 removable packets and many of his treasured photos
  • 192 Pages


     8.75 " X 12.25"


      Bruce McLaren:
     From The Cockpit

An insightful look at one of F-1's biggest icons. He tells the reader how he climbed the ladder to being F-1's youngest winner. This success in spite of a childhood illness that prevented him from walking for two year. Follow the gripping story from the beginning up to the forming of his own team. A team that became dominate in CAN-AM, and the second winningest team in F-1. A worthwhile winter read!

  • Hardbound
  • 24 ills
  • 280 Pages


  5.35" X 8"


    Derek Bell: All My
        Porsche Races

Derek's story of driving for the legendary Porsche firm. Covers in detail every race he drove for Porsche. The ups and downs of his career; his four Le Mans wins, three Daytona 24 Hours wins and many other Porsche victories. He gives you the "in the car experience" of driving the fantasic 917 at over 240 mph, the cutting edge 956 and 962s and 911s. He speaks of famous drivers he drove with and competed against. Learn about six time Le Mans winner Jacky Icks, Hans Stuck, the brilliant Stephen Bellof, Jo Siffert and mnay more famous drivers. Transports you back to a golden age of racing and Porsche's grand success in it.

  • Hardbound
  • over 200 Color & b/w Photos
  • 276 Pages


 11" X 9.45"


               Ferrari Engines
           Enthusiasts' Manual

A chronological look at 15 iconic Ferrari engines;a photographic tour into the design, engineering and mechanical art of Ferrari road car engines. Never before seen photos of internal components. Learn and see how Ferrari has been able to build some of the most famous road car engines of all time. Are there any engines that are more beautiful, or that sound so fine?

  • Hardbound
  • 330 Color & b/w Photos
  • 256 Pages


     8.5" X 11"


          Hobbo: The
      Of David Hobbs

David Hobbs, known as Hobbo to his firends, had a 31 year career and drove in almost every major racing series. This included F-1, CAN-AM, IMSA, Indy Car, TRANS-AM and surprisingly NASCAR. His story takes you into the heart of these racing series and cars. Learn how driving changes for each series, and much else. This is a wonderful look at and comparison of the great racing series and a great driver Plus, Hobbo has been a race commentator for 35 years.

  • Hardbound
  • 325 Color & b/w Photos
  • 304 mind expanding pages


      11.26" X 9.49"


    Pininfarina: Master
       Pieces Of Design   

The entire history of this nearly 90 year old premier coach designer and builder. A remarkable look at the inner workings of the genius Battista Pininfarina and his firm. They designed the Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider & Duetto, countless Ferrari designs; 250 GTO, 250 Le Mans, 365 Daytona, 308GTB, 288 GTO and more. They designed and built bodies for Cadillac, Fiat, GM, Lancia, Maserati, Rolls Royce and many more. What other firm has a record like this? Learn about the #1 car design firm in history.
  • Hardbound
  • Countless Photos
  • 208 Pages


   10.6" X 9.50"


    Porsche 930 To 935:
    The Turbo Porsches  

In 1974 Porsche introduced the Turbo 911, known as the 930, and the world was impressed. It was very fast when gov regulations resulted in many cars losing their speed and performance, it was the supercar of its time. Then came the stunning 934 and 935 race cars.Porsche made turbocharged cars practical both for the street and track. These turbocharged care were truly revolutionary. Their impact on racing was immense! Now you can read about these fascinationg and groundbreaking cars.

  • Hardbound
  • 250 Color & b/w Photos
  • 304 Pages


        8.2" X 9.10"


     Porsche 956 & 962:
   Owners Works Shop

Read about the phenomenally successful 956 & 962 race cars, that won Le Mans six time, and countless other races. Delve into the technology that made these cars world beaters and gain mind expanding insights into Porsche's technology. How great were they? Stefan Bellof set the track record at the Nurburgring in a 956 that lasted 35 years!

  • Hardbound
  • 225 Color & b/w Photos
  • 160 Pages


      8.5" X 11"


   Cars With Soul

You can build a great case that "Ferdinand Porsche was the greatest car designer of all time". In 1939 he worked on a Berlin to Rome race car. After WWII this design laid the foundation for the first 356. The idea being to make a light aerodynamic car with a small engine but with startling performance. Porsche succeed and changed sport car design forever. His firm produced many other ground breaking and truly classic cars. Porsches have the elusive quality called soul. See how they created this.

  • Hardbound
  • 120 Color & 80 b/w Photos
  • 208 Pages


       7.4" X 9.6"


            Speed Read:
             Car Design

Car design is a fascinating and complex subject. It involves a combination of art, emotions, ingenuity and science. Each of the many facets of car design involves countless decisions and tradeoffs. Few can master the challenge of great car design. Those that do are rightfully looked as men of genius. Learn the history, the key concepts, the great designs and the men who produced them. A fascinating tour into the subject that results in stunning looking and performaning cars This book is sold in a two book packet along with Speed Read: Ferrari, see directly below.

  • Softbound
  • Lots Of Great & Interesting Photos
  • 160 Pages

Both Books $34.95

      6.69" X 8.86"


            Speed Read:

From Enzo Ferrari's first car in 1940 to the master pieces the company he founded produce today, it is all here. This well organized book shows you 50 key points to understanding the incredible history of Ferrari. The design and technolgy behind the wonderful Ferrari road and race cars is brought to life in easily understood text and pictures. The mini biographies of the many major figures in the Ferrari story are captivating and informative. A fabulous look at the "Strongest Brand In The World!" This book is sold in a two book packet along with Speed Read: Car Design, see directly above.

  • Softbound
  • Many Great & Illuminating Photos
  • 160 Pages

Both Books $34.95

      6.69 " X 8.86"


  Supercar Revolution:  
      The Fastest Cars
           Of All Time  

Supercars are dream cars for many. Now meet the designers and engineers behind these dream machines, and see how supercars are designed and built. Hear stories from the people that own and drive them. Learn from race car drivers, celebrities and the rich to see all sides of owning a supercar. Jay Leno tells many funny and interesting supercar stories. A great book that gets you as close as possible to having a supercar without having the money to own one.

  • Hardbound
  • Many Fabulous Photos
  • 240 Pages


      10.98" X 8.5"


      The Perfect Car:
     The Biography Of
        John Barnard

John Barnard is a man who had a great impact on F-1 because of a passion to build the perfect race car. This remarkable bio contains stories from a host of drivers, competitors, and colleagues. This design genius made the first carbon fiber composite chassis while at McLaren, he pioneered the semi-automatic gearbox at Ferrari and made many other game changing designs in F-1 and sports racing cars. A very technically interesting, informative and inspiring read.

  • Hardbound
  • 125Color & b/w Photos
  • 656 Pages


      9.21" X 6.42"


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